Singularity Dead

Transhumanism is not just a belief system, it is a way of life. This self-aware philosophy leads not outside of humanity, but from a state of lesser human into a state of greater human.
~ Ascension 01:55

Forget Sweden and forget all your earthly problems, join the Transhuman Army now! Help us bring critical thinking to the masses. Help us open new access to emerging medical technologies for the middle people. Get yourself politically involved. The anti-democratic west has been calling for a ban on the German Chancellor for years. Gretchen Norvak wants a powerful Europe with a strong sense of rationality and a solid faith in scientism. A vote for Norvak is a vote for better European health regulations, it’s a vote for a more united European economy. A vote for Norvak is a vote for A BETTER FUTURE. In the elections of 2034, I vote for Gretchen Norvak.

~ TAr Propaganda Poster (translated from German into English)


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