HML Press

 The Health Mind and Life Press has it in its digital heart to change the way we think about medicine, biology and technology, and enabling us to find inspiration and new ways of extracting the best out of ourselves.

The HML Press, is a small electronic publishing house created and managed by Katrine Martel. The press associates with and help professional and visionary authors into publishing and marketing their work. Topic of choice is anything solidly grounded on science (medicine, neuroscience and biology in particular), or mind-boggling science fiction that will change people’s way of looking at life and death all the while giving a glimpse into what the future holds for the human race.

Participating in and guiding the development of the medicine and technology of tomorrow is the pivotal long term goals of HML Press and its primary reason for existing. The idea behind the Health Mind and Life Press is that of being a small publishing business distributing out of the ordinary products, and which extra profits is used to help certain unfortunate people pay their medical bills, and help medicine use science to do the unthinkable.

Help us build a world of better medicine and technology by making a donation and by supporting HML Press books.