4 New Books Announcement: Singularity Dead, Outlive Faith, The Art of Blood, Outlearn Nature

HML Press is proud to announce the pursuit of its great literary project with the revealing of tentative book covers for its upcoming titles. The time of release is estimated for the first two books at sometime before the end of 2017, and hopefully before the end of 2019 for the other two, but nothing is set in stone. The books will be ready when they will be ready. As usual HML Press is engaging itself only in publishing the most extraordinary of work, the kind which you would never see anywhere else in the publication industry.

Transhuman Ambrosia and Outlast the Machine were both the beginning of something big and beautiful, which will hopefully one day not only entertain many, but add more nuance to our collective understanding of the natural world. I am personally looking forward to the future, and I am eager to see how all this will turn out.